Lucy slowed down, she thought she had heard something, the snap of a twig maybe? Her heart pounded with both fear and excitement as she slowly made her way to the sound. The White Witch was gone so there could be nothing to worry about, yet she carried on with extreme caution. What she saw round the corner made her gasp aloud and her hand flew to her chest as if her heart would stop any second now.”Mr. Tumnus?” She breathed.

Tumnus froze upon haring the voice just as he was tugging on the stick (that was actually a root sticking up through the snow). There were only four people he knew of that called him ‘Mr.’ but all of them had been gone from Narnia for many, many years now. How was it that he recognized this voice?

Abandoning the stick he stood and turned around. There, on the other end of the clearing, stood his old friend Lucy. The bundle of sticks he had been holding tightly to his chest immediately dropped from his grasp as he stared in awe at the Daughter of Eve.


lucypevensie-narnian-deactivate asked:
"I cannot believe I am back! Here. In Narnia!" she looks around awed just the same as she had the first time she accidently stumbled upon this magical land, "but...but what if perhaps..everyone I know and love is gone. It has been quite a long time after all ." She thinks aloud walking to the lamp post. "Perhaps even Mr. Tumnus." With that thought in mind she runs toward his home.

Tumnus was out walking along the tree line collecting falling sticks to use as fire wood. He couldn’t wait for spring to come back so the snow would melt again. Snow always made him think of when the white witch ruled Narnia. Those memories were always less than pleasant to dwell on.

It had been so long but he could remember everything as if it all occurred yesterday. With a frown he adjusted his scarf as he bent down to get another stick.

nolongerhere13-deactivated20140 asked:
*smiles gently* rise, sweet child of Narnia. You srr ever so kind ^_^ tell me, how are things in Narnia?

All is well, the snow is falling again since it is winter. I couldn’t hep but to hope that it would stay gone because it had been here for so long while the White witch ruled… *frowns at the less than pleasant memories*

nolongerhere13-deactivated20140 asked:
*bows* beg pardon, sweet mister tumnus, but.. it took me ever so much courage to gather the nerve to ask this *blushes* would you ever consider doing a bit of role-playing, with an Elven princess? *smiles shyly* I understand if not, but if you should like, I am.. Very approachable. ^_^ best wishes, sweet fawn.

A princess? *quickly bows in respect* My lady it would be an honour to play with you.


The Telmarine’s eyes lit up— remembering his old days being told stories of fauns and dryads- the Great Lion and a White Queen. How did he end up so far in the past? What was going on here? Was this sorcery time travel? 

“W-Well.. I’m a Telmarine, and, they say there are no fauns anymore..” He snorted, looking to the handsome man’s feet. But it was obvious that such people existed. Why, he was standing right in front of one. The handsome prince, completely taken aback, placed his palm to his own forehead.  

“How long have you lived here?..” 

Tumnus scrapped his teeth over his lower lip in thought. He didn’t know what a Telmarine was, if that was what this person was then he thought it safe to assume it was something close to a son of Adam, like Peter or Edmond. There probably wasn’t much of a difference between the two, both had come to Narnia and been dumbstruck by the inhabitants.

The faun shifted slightly uncomfortably when he caught the handsome stranger staring at his hooves. “I don’t know why tel-telmar-ines would say such a thing. We fauns and other Narnians have been around for many centuries.”

Remembering the greeting Lucy had taught him so long ago he shifted the packages he held in his arms, moving them so he was holding them in only one arm so he could hold his hand out for the other to take.

"I am Tumnus and I’ve lived here in Narnia all my life."

sonofastar asked:
"W-What?! I thought Narnians.. they didn't exist anymore.." He said, befuddled.

The faun furrowed his brow in confusion as he locked eyes with the newcomer. “I don’t quite understand what you mean. Of course we Narnians exist… Why would you think such a thing?”

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